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Saturday 15 May 2010

Crafts U Print

Crafts U Print - really recommended:

Check out this site for some lovely sheets to print out for crafting!


my NEW illustration website:

Thursday 10 September 2009

Website and Other blogs!

My website:

My other blogs:



Illustration Photos

Creating atmosphere through photos xx

Rose 2

2nd Year Complete!!!


Well I said I'd let you know how I got on. I passed the whole year and even managed to get an A in Writing for Images!!!! Here is some of my work from last year. I have learnt so much!!!

Porto train station

Port Lodge
Port Lodge Ink Sketch

New Introduction - 09

Hi all, now updating my blog with new bits and adding photos to old bits as I've remembered how to add photos :-)

So a little about me and my work - I am just about to begin my third and final year at the Cambridge School of Art studying Illustration. This is really important to me and I have come so far in the last year. I had to re-take the year due to some bad thing that happened in my life and I am THANKFUL for the second chance. I am very thankful to my tutors Chris Draper, Pam Smy and Jim Butler. Thanks for all the support and help they have offered me. I would also like to thank Mick Gowar for the inspiration he has given me. Please see my Illustration work for the Tom Phillips style book he inspired me to create!

I would also like to thank my parents for all the support they have given me through my bad time. The strength they have given me has made me a better person and I would not be where I am today without them. Thanks Mum and Dad.

And lastly I would like to thank my wonderful boyfriend Roger for his patience and support and inspiration. You make me feel creative! Thank you for helping me believe in myself and pushing me to get on when I get a creative block. I love you so much xx.

Thursday 25 June 2009

Do Crafts ATC of the week!!!

Wow, got an email saying I am ATC of the week!!! Check it out below:

Think this link is always active even after my week is up!


ATC Boutique Butterfly

Boutique Butterfly 2

Tuesday 2 June 2009

A change in attitude!

Wow, where to start?

After I messed up last year I was given the chance to re-take the year, which I took and I haven't looked back!

I had a fantastic time in Porto! And have worked very hard this year, hopefully I will be getting the grades I am seeking. I have learnt so much and hopefully this will help when I end up being a free-lance Illustrator!!!

I'll let you know how I get on!!! xx

Wednesday 10 September 2008

Craft Stamper October 08

How excited was I to see my first ATC that I sent into Craft Stamper published in this month's issue!?!
"Halloween" was the theme and I had some lovely wizardy stamps by woodware which was perfect for the solution!
I love making ATC's as a way of being creative and chatting to like minded people. So if anyone sees this and wants to trade, just let me know and in the mean time I'll try and get some photos to go with my blog.


Halloween 2

Sunday 9 March 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day
I made a small boxed book of childhood memories and photos as a gift
Pretty and Sentimental

Complete Cardmaking Magazine Issue 8

Complete Cardmaking Magazine Issue 8, Page 52 - Birthday Wishes.
It's MY Card!!!

Complete Cardmaking Magazine

A parcel arrived in the post and my mum rings me up. I wasn't expecting anything so I asked her to open it. Inside was an issue of Complete Cardmaking with a few crafty bits! On page 52 was my tapestry stamp card published in print!!!
Another sense of achievement!

Sunday 4 November 2007


So ages ago I was thinking of ideas for a name. I wanted something pretty and unusual. So the words Magenta and Snowflake eventually became the name for myself.
Therefore magenta became the basis for the deisign of my website and blog.

Paper Mania Papers

I have purchased a Vintage Style Paper Mania Ultimate Designer Craft Collection
The papers are beautiful, but sometimes they are to beautiful to use! The embellishments are fantastic, I would recommend this to all.

Seven Stories

On Wednesday we watched a video about the Seven Stories building. It looks magical. I definitely feel this place would be worth a trip. For more details visit:


A Little About Myself

I have always been artistic, and so here I am now, Illustration Uni Student and Card Designer. It is always nice to be recognised for your potential. I was so please to have won the monthly Crafts Beautiful Nov issue Card Competition. Often it is scary trying and that is why I have been nervous with the launch of my website

I am please with how it looks and can only hope that this will led me onto better things. xxx

Christmas Card Making

This week I have mostly been getting on with my Christmas cards for family and friends. Mostly the theme is vintage reds and greens with Flower Soft details. ( Some of the cards are pink for young girls and others are experimental pieces. The thing I'm finding hardest is deciding which card I am giving to who. xxx

Sunday 28 October 2007

My Dad

A lot of help with both my site and blog design came from my Dad. Please feel free to e-mail me (via my website) ( or leave any comments with which I can pass onto my Dad. I know he would love to know if any of his hard work is appreciated.

DCWV Once Upon A Time

I have brought a Beautiful 12x12 DCWV Once Upon A Time ScrapBook which I then brought Beautiful 12x12 Papers and Accessories. I'm thinking about keeping this special for when I have Children. How nice this will be to keep treasure memories within a Happily Ever After Book.

My Beautiful Site is now up and running in which I am selling my hand made cards. Each creation is a work of art in it's own right and much love has been put into each card.
Please feel free to contact me with suggestions, ideas and feedback.


Firstly I would like to thank my Dad for helping me so much with my beautiful site. Without you it would not have been possible.

Secondly I would like to thank all the people who have believed in my work, from my mum and dad, all my tutors, the people at Crafts Beautiful and my friends. Thanks for the much needed encouragement.


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